About Gemini

Building the

smart trucks

of the future

Gemini has been inspired by NASA’s Gemini 5, the first manned spacecraft that used fuel cells and launched the commercial fuel cell industry. Our team aspires to help lower mankind’s carbon footprint by utilizing state-of-the-art technologies that enable green, hydrogen-based mobility systems.

Primed with NASA engineering skills and extensive technology roots, our company aims to infuse the latest fuel cell technology at scale to produce and deliver zero emission long haul trucks.

slider-robotruck img-gemini-5-kennedy-space-center
decarbonizing the transportation industry
Gemini 5/Titan II GLV, lift off from
Launch Complex 19, Kennedy Space Center,
Cape Canaveral Florida
About Gemini

Zero emission


With an AI first approach and exceptional engineering capabilities, Gemini will revolutionize the future of the trucking industry.
Our Vision

Gemini provides green, autonomous mobility systems to lower the carbon footprint for the benefit of people and planet

the team

The Gemini team is driven with the goal to create the first autonomous semi truck with up to 1400 miles range.

Gemini team consists of world-class multi-disciplinary expertise from NASA and major automotive, energy and AI companies.

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