The Advantages of Liquid Hydrogen

Gemini Motor innovative technology leveraging on liquid hydrogen

At Gemini Motor, we plan to revolutionize the sustainable transport industry with our zero-emission, autonomous trucks. One of the most important elements of our innovative technology is leveraging liquid hydrogen. Rather than powering our trucks with gaseous hydrogen or a lithium ion battery, we will fuel them with liquid hydrogen. There are many reasons for […]

What Does Clean Tech Look Like to Gemini?

Clean-tech truck by Gemini Motor

At Gemini Motor, we are dedicated to leveraging clean technologies for the sake of the planet and people. Our company mission is to accelerate decarbonization, meaning we want to rapidly implement a long-term solution to the problem of carbon emissions. That’s why the Gemini team has designed a clean-tech truck: it’s our answer to this […]

Introducing Gemini: The Clean-Tech Powerhouse

Robotruck that accelerates decarbonization

Over the course of the past few centuries, our planet has suffered too many damages. These injuries have come from the population who should be taking the best care of it—us, the human beings. But as climate activist Elizabeth Wathuti writes, “I believe in our human capacity to care deeply, act collectively, and do what […]