Clean Energy Commitment

Green Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trucks

Harnessing Hydrogen

We utilize energy sourced with the lowest carbon footprint to be one of the most carbon sustainable automotive manufacturers in the world.

Green Hydrogen

Powering our fleet with 100% solar and wind energy enables Gemini to achieve the cleanest production of hydrogen.

Fuel Cell icon

Fuel Cell

Using Hydrogen Fuel Cell enables Gemini to go greener, farther, and faster. FCEV reduces the need for battery minerals and grid upgrades.

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Hydrogen Production

Utilizing high efficiency electrolysis and advanced technology enables Gemini to produce and deliver green hydrogen to our fuel stations at lower prices compared to diesel.

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Hydrogen Storage

Working with its partners, Gemini plans to develop disruptive solutions for hydrogen storage in its future products to simplify the logistics and cost of transportation.

Fuel Station

Designed for unparalleled highway efficiency and convenience, Gemini with its partners will build its own fuel stations along trucking routes. With end-to-end integration of the fuel delivery supply chain, we will deliver low cost green hydrogen to our customers.

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West to East

Gemini RoboTruck can travel long range distances with minimum Infrastructure need. West to Coast trip will take less than 48 hours only refueling once.

Solving a global problem

With high utilization up to 97% of time, Gemini fleet accelerate decarbonization in the logistic industry.

Adding 20,000 Gemini RoboTrucks to the industry would have the same beneficial impact on our environment as adding 3 million new electric passenger vehicles

Gemini RoboTruck long range capability enables Gemini to support its fleet with only a handful of hydrogen hubs across the nation.


Run a zero emission fleet with favorable operating margin.

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