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Gemini Motor Announces Strategic Partnership with Mzigo in Quest to Automate Long-Haul Logistics

Los Angeles, CA — June 30, 2022 — Gemini Motor Company and Mzigo S.A. signed a strategic MOU to secure a relationship emphasizing the importance of automation in long-haul logistics.  At last week’s VerdeXchange conference, Gemini announced its intention to launch a fleet of autonomous hydrogen fuel cell trucks by 2025, the RoboTrucks. The first prototype is currently under development and will be available for testing next year.  This new relationship with Mzigo extends Gemini’s vision beyond trucks to create efficiencies throughout the entire supply chain.

Autonomous Vehicles and Smart Containers are Natural Fit

California-based Gemini Motor is a cleantech company building autonomous, zero-emission trucks powered by hydrogen fuel cells. The RoboTruck, Gemini’s first product in line, will have a range of up to 1,400 miles and can be refueled in less than 20 minute, quadrupling the operational efficiency of each unit over the conventional human-driven trucks. This efficiency is further enhanced through the automated swapping of goods at strategic stops in the supply chain, reducing the required time and margins of error compared to a manual operation.

Mzigo, a Luxembourg-based company,  is currently developing an innovative container concept that is fully-automatic, connected, and modular. In this collaboration, Gemini and Mzigo will showcase a holistic transportation solution that could revolutionize the logistics industry worldwide. Initially, Gemini and Mzigo will collaborate to offer POD containers, transfer hubs, and a digital logistics platform for the North American market.

“The automated and modular system to move goods between trucks and at various depots is a force multiplier to the long-term vision we have at Gemini. We’re very excited about this growing relationship with Mzigo,” said Alex Rafiee, CEO and Co-founder of Gemini. “Goods can and should move faster, cheaper, and cleaner across the country and we believe our technology combined with Mzigo’s is a natural fit.”

Mzigo plans to develop and launch an intermodal, modular, and connected freight container solution for future logistics. The containers will be configured and sized depending on the needs of the logistical objectives and will be fully automated and interchangeable to create seamless transfer of goods from vehicle to vehicle or vehicle to warehouse.

“Mzigo has focused on one piece of the logistics puzzle; moving goods from big transport vehicles to smaller ones and into warehouses.  This is simply a continuation of the dramatic automation that is happening at ports and in warehouses across the globe,” said Paul der Weduwe, CEO and Co-founder of Mzigo. “Not only will these advances decrease the costs of moving goods dramatically, but it will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution in heavily impacted freight corridors, as well as in cities and urban areas. We’re very excited to be working with Gemini.”

Founded in December 2021, Gemini Motor Company is one of the fastest growing EV startups in the United States.

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