Gemini Advanced Technology

Green Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trucks

Harnessing Hydrogen

We utilize energy sourced with the lowest carbon footprint to be one of the most carbon sustainable automotive manufacturers in the world.

By leveraging recent innovative development of material science, ionpair, and system design and integration, Gemini revolutionizing the current status of FCET by reducing the size and weight and improving overall efficiency to provide scalable and sustainable solution to the society and industry.

Fuel Cell

A next generation fuel cell for the next generation of vehicles

High Temperature Fuel Cell

Gemini's high temperature fuel cells run at higher temperature (>160 °C) and lower pressure with comparable net power generation to low temperature fuel cell.


Less sensitive to hydrogen impurities, up to 60% smaller and lighter with up to 20% higher efficiency.

Cost Competitive

Eliminating and/or reducing the size of several components from balance of plant system.

Power Train

Systematic and holistic design approach from ground-up to optimize balance of plant by an innovative thermal management system that reduces the size of the radiator more than 60% and auxiliary power consumption by more than 50%.

Next-gen powertrain

We are redefining the standards of efficiency and scalability, offering a transformative powertrain solution that is set to reshape the way heavy duty vehicles operate.

Solving a decades long problem

Solving the thermal and water management problems with conventional PEM fuel cell by operating at temperatures higher than 160 °C; and eliminating auxiliary components.

Our mission is to expedite the adoption of FCEVs by introducing ground breaking technological and engineering advancements. Our focus lies in creating scalable and cost-effective solutions that revolutionize the powertrain.

Gemini G1

Run a zero emission fleet with favorable operating margin.

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